Neocognitron Simulator Video

See the video to understand how it works.

This software simulator is proposed for a study of the Neocognitron neural network. Neocognitron was initially suggested by his author, Kunihiko Fukushima, as a neural model for pattern recognition which mimics the organization and processing in biological vision.

Size: 6 MB (zip)

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Note: You can download Codec to play the video: Download Codec Pack All in 1

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Neocognitron Application v.1.0.0

This application was written in Visual Studio 2005, in .Net C# language.

Source Code (C#): http://neocognitron.codeplex.com/

Platform: Windows 32bit

Licence: Freeware

Software Requirements: .Net Framework 2.0

Size: 0.5 MB (zip)